Numerology, Astrology, Graphology and Vaastu Shastra in India
Numerology, Astrology, Graphology and Vaastu ShastraNumerology, Astrology, Graphology and Vaastu Shastra Numerology, Astrology, Graphology and Vaastu Shastra in India

Numerology, Astrology, Graphology and Vaastu Shastra in India

NUMEROLOGY has been an inseparable part of astrology since ancient times. It is the study of numbers, their combination and their interaction in one's life. People are numbered every where from the womb to the tomb. It is right to say that "The World is based on the power of Numbers".

Business Partnerships

Business Partnerships

Matching of numbers in business is different in marriage matching. In marriage problems, the inner consciousness of the number is related to the persons. But in business, the outer consciousness of the number is related to the persons.

If two persons are to be partners in business, we would be assured the suitability of their numbers.

For No.3 Persons

No.3 and No.1 combination
No.3 and No.2 combination

(See the No.2 and No.1, No.2 and No.3 combinations.)

No.3 and No.3 combination
Both have the same characteristics. They have high sensitivity, which can spoil the situation. Thereby they may lose business opportunities. Thus, it is anything but a successful combination.

No.3 and No.4 combination
No.3 is very intelligent and daring. He is game for taking risks. But No.4 cannot take any risk. This can create difference of opinion. Hence, there is nothing much to commend about this team;

No.3 and No.5 combination
This is a mixed combination. It is neither a successful nor an unsuccessful combination. The hasty and excited nature of No.5 and the sensitive and dominating nature of No.3 could cause certain problems and friction.

No.3 and No.6 combination

This is a good combination. The soft-spoken No.3 and selfless No.6 could prove a performing team;

No.3 and No.7 combination
This is good combination too. The pleasant nature of 3 and the intelligence of No.7 could prove a successful combination.

No.3 and No.8 combination
This is a strong and successful combination. No.8 is an executive with efficiency and No.3 with his pleasant way of speaking is sure to prove an asset in marketing and sales promotion;

No.3 and No.9 combination
This does not appear to be a performing combination for promoting business. No.3 has a charming and pleasant way of taking but is not likely to take business seriously. No.9 is a thinker but performs rather dismally. How can such a combination be expected to deliver the goods?
For No.4 Persons

For No.4 Persons

No.4 and No.1 combination No.4 and No.2 combination No.4 and No.3 combination
(See No.1 and No.4 combination) (See No.4 and No.2 combination) (See No.3 and No.4 combination)

No.4 and No.4 combination
This is a very successful combination; both are materialistic, cautious about finances, and able administrators. The business is bound to flourish;

No.4 and No.5 combination
This does not look like a good combination. No.5 can make good business and take risks restlessly. But No.4 cannot gear up to the challengers. He will very likely feel ill at ease with dynamic No.5. The team may simply not take off;

No.4 and No.6 combination
This appears a promising combination; both of them are loyal, careful in money matters, and responsible people. The business will certainly look up;

No.4 and No.7 combination
This appears a very promising combination for success. No.4 can do financial and administrative work very well indeed, while No.7 an intellectual, has ideas. This can improve business remarkable well;

No.4 and No.8 combination
This is a successful combination. No.4 is a strenuous worker who will nurture the business well. No.8 is a good planner, director and organizer with a materialistic mind. Together, they will prove a powerful team;

No.4 and No.9 combination
Nothing much be expected of this team. No.4 has a steady mind, feels confident and secure and is materialistic. But No.9 likes only charitable and philanthropic activities. Their interests are very different. So this combination is bound to fail on different pulls. Their worst weakness is woeful lack of cohesion and commonality of ideas.

For No.5 Persons

No.5 and No.1 combination No.5 and No.2 combination No.5 and No.3 combination No.5 and No.4 combination
(See No.1 and No.5 combination) (See No.2 and No.5 combination) (See No.3 and No.5 combination) (See No.4 and No.5 combination)

No.5 and No.5 combination
This is one of the worst combinations that can be thought of. Both are restless, excited and hasty and both cherish freedom. They are certain to find each other a threat and consider each other disagreeable. They cannot get along at all and so will mess up the business.

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